Mumbai Express IV: Letters from a Semester in India

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to say hi. Hopefully, I’ll send another express note next week. We are living like kings are twelve dollars a day. On the one hand, I’m exceeding my budget–well, it not worth following. On the other hand, I’ve never had so many consecutive meals without feeling hungry. Each meal is big enough to hold us over for a while and still we continue to eat. 80% of the food is simply great. My favorite dishes are vegetable purees of sorts that you dip roti (home made thin pita bread) or naan (triangle pita bread) into. The fruit milkshakes are great too. I know it doesn’t sound fattening by everything is cooked in oil.

Not too much is going on. Last night I went to a play produced by Shivani, a friend from Penn, with four of my current Temple classmates. Mom, Shivani says hi. She is doing well. The play was excellent and it was performed for a crowd of about 35 in a small very upscale bar. The play is touring India and it is being put on in theaters if they can find the space. As it turns out, Shivani’s own play is being produced on November 7th. We will definitely be attending.

Today, I brought tickets for Kerala where we will be going during our break at the end of October. Definitely on the agenda is a trip to the town on the southern tip of India where the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Begal meet with their different color waters. Supposedly it is one or perhaps the only place in the world where you can watch a sunrise and a moonset at the same time. Unfortunately, we will miss the whole moon by a week but it should still be awesome.

Today, I also went to McDonald’s. India’s the only country in the world where the traditional beef hamburgers are not served. Choices include veggie burgers and chicken patties. I had a Maharaja Mac–two layered chicken patties. It was excellent. I think I’d actually go to McKee Dees more often in the states if they offered the menu they have here. Next week, we will be spending five days visiting Siemens, a technology company, I believe and perhaps their factory as well although we shall see.

Be in touch soon,


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