Mumbai Express VIII: Letters from a Semester in India

Hey Everyone,

I haven’t had any time to write since returning from my trip. We’ve had a ton a work. Besides, sometimes my computer is on the brink and other times I have to lend my computer to classmates who don’t even have one.

Some of the highlights of my trip to Southern India included:

Seeing the sun rise with 10,000 people at the southern tip town of Kanyikumari over the India Ocean

Going to Vakala Beach and watching 3 sunsets in 3 days over the Arabian Sea. I also swam one day in the ocean for 3 hours. It was heaven at about 78 degrees. For dinner each evening, we had barbecued fresh sea food of which the highlight was a Tandoori Tuna cooked immediately after being caught at a beach hut restaurant.

Riding an Elephant for a half hour until he became unhappy. You really don’t want to be near an elephant if he’s not happy so we ended our ride early and gave him some bananas

Going to one of my classmate’s wedding in Bangalore, where all the women wore beautiful sarees and the music was incredible.

Visiting a palace in Mysore, near Bangalore, home to a family that has ruled that particular area for most of the past 700 years. The palace put the places I have seen in Spain and elsewhere to shame with the incredible artwork and furnishings.

Classes are going O.K. I’m pretty sick of restaurant food. All in all, however, things are great. I’ll be home in month.

Write soon,


~ by Admin on November 15, 2003.

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