Mumbai Express IX: Letters from a Semester in India

Dear Immediate Family and Everyone,

Things in Mumbai are going well. I can’t believe that I have only three weeks left here.

This week, I went to the 3rd theater production of my Penn friend Shivani, since coming to Mumbai. Each and every play has been great. Yesterday, she and her family had me over for a home cooked meal and then she took me out for coffee. I guess that’ll have to suffice for my Thanksgiving dinner.

As always I have lots to share and little time to write. We actually have had some school work lately, and nonetheless life outside the classroom monopolizes all my thinking. Like no place I have ever been, Mumbai is a giant organic living being the second you walk outside. You know from my descriptions that it’s a crowded, dirty, traffic jammed and hot enough that you can barely stay awake sometimes. It’s also vibrant and real. Certainly, the people I have met (as is normally is the case) in my classes, at the college and other where have been the highlight of my trip.

On this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for many things. I suspect I will be especially so when I arrive home to clean air and quiet streets and everything else that we take for granted. Life everywhere seems to have its rewards though, and I’m glad I’ve gotten to experience more than my fair share.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


~ by Admin on November 25, 2003.

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