A Semester in India – Poem

I had heard legends of natural wonders and manmade chaos
I found enough people to populate not only Jupiter but also Laos
I shall miss Mumbai with its art and coffee scene,
But remember the Gateway and beaches awaiting Ganesh’s new dream

From Valuation, I know that what matters are the margins
And Ethics reminded me that it was Mr. Gandhi who had the best of noggins
For all I learned in Corporate Finance, I’d better hedge my futures with a glass of wine
Like life on the Bombay curbside, scraping by means being able to dine

The Welingkar men greeted me with firm handshakes and sincere questions
Then they tried to make me into a cricket fanatic shouting ten crore suggestions
I tried to hold out but who can withstand Tendulkar’s charm
Every single one will get a placement worth a darn

I had crushes on all the women, and will remember the refined elegance and electric smile,
Black pinstripe pants and graceful saris for every while
As to coffee, they said they would think about it, just maybe, someday
Rain checks may be available until I find my way, perhaps before doomsday

In Kerela, I found a paradise of palm trees & cliffs
I tasted Tandoori Tuna and by an angry elephant was given a lift
In my next life, in Vakala Beach will be my cabana
Because nothing compares to blazing Arabian Sea sunset nirvana

In Hindi class I learned thoda sa and in Japanese class not a ream
Thankfully, I supplemented the college canteen with tasty ice cream
Few hereto knew like I now do that Dr. Salunkhe has the most comfortable chair
But everyone knows about the hostel girls with sparkling eyes and silvery silky hair

My hostel mates introduced me to Aishwarya
And told me how paneer ensures gravy bohot acha
Yet I can’t help but think of those whose stomach is empty
The hunger etched on their faces pangs me more than mightily

Political progress may seem the most romantic notion
But India’s promised prosperity is begetting quite a commotion
The decency and character of those I have met ensure there is a chance
To create justice for those who now merit hardly a glance

Crossing Sion Road each night is fun when the lights are out
That in many taxies I almost lost my life, you believe me no doubt
Highlights of the past 4 months include high art theater and a Dandiya dancer
Adventures aplenty enough for any gentleman lancer

I returned to school hoping to collect an acquaintance or two for my little red book
Instead warm generosity and hospitality drew me out of my nook
Academics may stimulate the brain
But I shall fondly remember most all the people who contributed to the contours of memory lane


~ by Admin on December 15, 2003.

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