Stories from a Tour of Asia II: Japan

Hey Family,

All is going well here. Japan is quite amazing. It’s so nice and clean that I feel like there is little worth sharing. I think my new favorite food is shasumi (fresh raw fish). We have visited quite a few shrines and museums in Tokyo. I went to Hiroshima yesterday and came back today using my All Japan Rail Pass. It’s already 2/3rds paid for after one trip. The Shinkansen (bullet trains) was similar to the one we rode in Spain, very fast and convenient. Five hours few by like nothing.

Hiroshima was very powerful. The city has created a park where many houses were demolished as a result of the Atom bomb. The statistics on the horrors wrecked by the bomb were quite overwhelming. 140,000 people died in the year after the bomb exploded. I really like the memorial to Sadako, the little girl who tried to make 1000 paper cranes to cure herself of leukemia which she contacted when she was 12, ten years after the bomb. She died having made 600 plus cranes over 8 months. Today, thousands of paper cranes are sent to Hiroshima each year to be placed by her memorial.

If you would like to call, I have a phone in my room that has free incoming calls (for me at least) if not for you. The number is 03-5570-0221, ext. 3625. I am normally in my room at 10pm which is 9am your time but you can try earlier too if you would like. I will try to give you a call some time this week.

Talk soon,


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