About the Author

Mike Cunningham is mostly a life long Philadelphian who was born and raised in East Oaklane. Interests besides city life include politics, history, economic development, traveling, languages (se habla español), great books, Big 5 basketball and great life stories.

Thumb tacs on the map including two years in Ecuador as well as hop scotches through Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Spain, France, India, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. Visiting the rest of the world would be nice too. Read stories about a semester in India and a trip to SE Asia if you like. Stories tagged as summaries are best.

Some Favorites:

Favorite Home Away from Home: Ecuador

Favorite City: Bahia El Salvador, Bazil

Favorite Beach: Vakala Beach, Kerala, India

Favorite Books include Living Poor, A Peace Corps Chronical (in Ecuador), by Moritz Thomsen and anything by Stephen Jay Gould.

Mike now lives in Fishtown, for better or worse just about the most rapidly gentrifying zipcode in the United States, although according to the public records his house is located in Kensington.


One Response to “About the Author”

  1. Mike,

    I like the blog. I stumbled upon because I wanted to be keyed in on Kensington issues. It’s a relief that I finally discovered my neighborhood association! Were it not for your blog, I don’t know if I even would’ve known ORCA existed (or that my neighborhood WASN’T East Kensington). Thanks for that.

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